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New James bond game

I proved it once and I can prove it again Bigbondfan (more likely know as BBF08 now) has nothing on me, I own every bond game since goldeneye even the terrible goldeneye: rouge agent. Now this game is next on my list… with improved graphics and hand-to-hand combat system this game should live up to expectations.

Called James Bond 007: Blood Stone, this new bond game looks amazing with the teaser trailer I viewed about three minutes before writing this blog post. It features Daniel Craig’s voice (and looks of course) as Bond unlike Adam Croasdell that was previously rumoured, the game also features Judi Dench and Joss Stone (whom also performs the title song) in this totally original story made especially for Blood Stone.

The trailer also implies there will be loads of diving modes/missions within this game which could backfire bad like on the Agent under fire game but I’m hoping its more like Nightfire game where the driving mission were a pleasure. Blood Stone will also include 16 player multiplayer which hopefully would be a lot better than quantum of solace’s passable attempt and fingers crossed Activision would have listened to players and will include a split screen mode.

More lush looking images below…

P.S. expect a review from me of this Video game shortly after release.

Source: MI6.co.uk

New PSP God of War Announced: Ghost of Sparta

All you critis who said the iPod Touch has beaten the PSP, you are once again bested. After waiting several weeks for the mysterious God of War 3 Platinum Trophy teaser site to update, you have your prize. Yes, Ready at Dawn has announced a new God of War game for the PSP. There isn’t too much info yet, but quoting the Playstation.Blog:

“I can also tell you from
first-hand experience that we are pushing the limits of what PSP can do with state-of-the-art visual technologies, higher resolution environments, and greater depths of scale. We’re also providing over 25% more gameplay, an improved weapon system, and new magical powers — all enjoyed anytime, anywhere.” -Eric Lavine

Here are a few pictures you can drool over:


PSP Store Dates changed.

Yeah, so for North America and Europe, the dates have changed for the PlayStation Store. From now on, all NA updates will occur on Tuesday and all European updates will happen on Wednesday, the same day that Xbox Live updates. Now PlayStation owners will finally get all their content first! Heheheh….



PlayStation Home gains ability to integrate with games, brings additional content.

There have been a few games that have unlocked content inside PlayStation Home. However, until now, PlayStation Home hasn’t given us new things to use in our games. That all changes this week, with the new SOCOM OPFOR game space. An exclusive minigame inside of Home will challenge players to assemble an assault rifle in 12 seconds or less. The prize? A golden AK-47 that can be transferred into Socom Confrontation.

It’s a pretty big gimmick as of now, but we’ll see what it turns into. Developers could get really creative and make a game that constantly sends you back in forth between Home and the game, maybe making a second nature of gaming. I dunno, but it’s pretty cool. I would like to see this for the new Socom 4 though, as Socom Confrontation is pretty crappy.

Oh yeah, and here is a video if you want to see how it works:

Click here to view

Final Fantasy IX to be available on the PlayStation Store very soon!

Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 9

As you might already know, 2 of the 3 Final Fantasy main titles from the Playstation 1 Era (VII and VIII) are already available on the Playstation Store. People have been requesting the final title be released for digital download, and I think we have a confirmation!


Roughly translated from Japanese, the above tweet show that FF9 will be available “roughly next week”. You can chuckle at the translation errors as you wish.

Personally, I am stoked for this. I have already played the entire Final Fantasy VII (59 hours) all the way through and am 45 hours through Final Fantasy VIII, on Disc 3. I haven’t played Final Fantasy IX, but it is the highest rated Final Fantasy game of all time, receiving a Metacritic Score of 94.

Harmonix Announces Rock Band Network, Our Hard Drives Hide in Fear

Today on Twitter, @HarmonixSean was in a tissy about when the newest issue of Billboard would arrive, fellow Tweeters and followers thought nothing of it, until he posted a link to Billboard’s site.  The Rock Band community exploded with this new, fascinating news.

“We’ve figured out how to make it so anybody who owns and controls masters and publishing can put music into [Rock Band] at their own pace,” MTV Games exec Paul DeGooyer tells Billboard.

This upcoming feature, to be set in open beta sometime in August will allow artists, and about anyone with a master track they own the rights to, create a song for use in Rock Band.  The Rock Band Network will be based on Microsoft’s XNA Creator’s Club.  If you want to make your own tracks, you’ll also have to be a member of Microsoft’s XNA Creator’s Club which will run you about $99 a year.  Don’t fret (hehe, see what I did there) PlayStation and Wii owners, a Harmonix rep has stated that the standout songs created will also arrive on the PlayStation Store and for the Wii.

With the possibilities here, it could mean Rock Band maxing out to thousands of songs by the end of this year with the help of the community, much more than Harmonix promised us for last year – 500.

So, do you guys and gals see this going anywhere?  Will actual touring rock bands use this or will we experience the same lack luster quality we see in so many other Xbox Live Community games?  Comments?  Shoot away.  Please note this is my first WordPress post, haha, so tell me what you thought of my editing too.