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Fenix Developers Preview

Hey guys,
I would like to take this moment to let everyone know Fenix is not dead.
I worked on Fenix last week and managed to work on a new build (29), devs might remember it as beta 9.
I fixed some bugs, added some more features, worked on a spreadsheet, fixed multitasking and such.
The video below demonstrates how Fenix works/looks like, it still has some glitches, but try not to mention them.

As a lot of people requested, I changed it’s GUI back to the old one, hope you guys like it. Please comment.

Yes Man

pspWvista 1.7

Hey Guys, hope life is going well for all of you!
I would like to take this moment to let everyone know about pspWvista 1.7 which was released last month.
1.7 features some visual upgrades as well as some major code fixes to solve the storage location problem that firmware 6.00 and the PSP go cause.
Below is a video of 1.7 in action.

I do hope to do a video up to show users how to properly install pspWvista, but this might have to wait until after Christmas break.
Josh (Hunter)

PSP.FM (Last.FM Portable)

How can I access it?

PSP.FM is currently in beta, meaning it is not yet complete or bug-free. However, most things are functional and usable. You can access it by clicking here, but be aware that the link may change before final release. PSP.FM is best viewed using a PSP. Using it on a computer is not an accurate representation of how it appears on the PSP.

What does it do? (Features)

  • View artist info
  • Read artist bio
  • See listening of top tracks by artist
  • View artist discography
  • View album info
  • Find upcoming concerts
  • View artist photos
  • Find similar artists you might enjoy
  • Nominate artists to be Artist of the Week and be featured on the front page
  • View popular artists from the past week
  • View Last.FM user profiles including recently played tracks and top artist/track charts
  • Perhaps more to come, or others I forgot to list

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