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New James bond game

I proved it once and I can prove it again Bigbondfan (more likely know as BBF08 now) has nothing on me, I own every bond game since goldeneye even the terrible goldeneye: rouge agent. Now this game is next on my list… with improved graphics and hand-to-hand combat system this game should live up to expectations.

Called James Bond 007: Blood Stone, this new bond game looks amazing with the teaser trailer I viewed about three minutes before writing this blog post. It features Daniel Craig’s voice (and looks of course) as Bond unlike Adam Croasdell that was previously rumoured, the game also features Judi Dench and Joss Stone (whom also performs the title song) in this totally original story made especially for Blood Stone.

The trailer also implies there will be loads of diving modes/missions within this game which could backfire bad like on the Agent under fire game but I’m hoping its more like Nightfire game where the driving mission were a pleasure. Blood Stone will also include 16 player multiplayer which hopefully would be a lot better than quantum of solace’s passable attempt and fingers crossed Activision would have listened to players and will include a split screen mode.

More lush looking images below…

P.S. expect a review from me of this Video game shortly after release.

Source: MI6.co.uk

Moovlin PC Release Date Announced

On Jun 18th, 2010…

The world will witness the one of the biggest flash projects in the history of the web – Moovlin PC.

With a crew of over 10, including 2 artists, 5 voice actors, 1 background designer and 3 testers…

Click here to view the countdown!

A game which not only will change the way you play flash games, but set new standards in production values for all flash games to follow. With over 15 minutes of fully animated cutscenes, over 1,000 artistic resources, 30 levels, 4 multiplayer modes, 20 achievments and more…

The only boundary of this game is how much you will let it take over yor life.

Chromium OS!

Hey, you. Yeah, you with the netbook. Have you been wanting to try something new on it? Yes? You have? Well your going to find this tutorial very useful then.

Well you may have heard Google announced an OS called Chromium. It is basically a web browser with some extra features. Mainly aimed at netbooks and smaller computing devices. Now, I know you want to try it so here are the instructions:

1. Download the Chromium image from Hexxeh’s site.

2.  Extract the image to a directory of your choice.

3. Now follow one of these steps:

If you’re on Windows:

Download Image Writer for Windows (http://bit.ly/7gRu0n) and extract the program. Launch the program, and select the image (ChromeOS-Cherry.img) and your USB drive letter from the drop down box. Click “Write”. The install image will then be copied to the drive. Once it’s done, close the program and you can then boot from the USB drive.

If you are on Linux:

Extract ChromeOS-Cherry.img and run the following command in the same directory as the file, where X is the device name of your USB drive.

sudo dd if=ChromeOS-Cherry.img of=/dev/X bs=4M

Once the command finishes, you can then boot from the USB drive.

Lastly but not least, if you are on a Mac:

Firstly, unmount the drive you want to install Chromium OS to. Place the downloaded file onto your desktop. Open System Profiler, click USB on the list at the side and then select the entry that represents your USB disk. Now look for the BSD Name column (http://bit.ly/5mG4WK). Remember what is written here. In my case, it is disk1, but in yours it may be different. Take care here as if you get it wrong, it could seriously mess things up. Once you have this, open up Terminal and type the following commands.

cd Desktop
tar -zxvf ChromeOS-Cherry.tar.gz

For the next command, replace X with the name of the disk you found earlier, ie disk1.

sudo dd if=ChromeOS-Cherry.img of=/dev/X bs=4m

This command will ask you to enter your password (the same one you enter when installing software for example), type it in and press enter. This command will take a while to run, about 20 minutes for me, and then will give you your shell prompt back once it has finished. Once it has, you can remove your USB drive and boot from it

And a little info, you can’t actually boot into it on a Mac, it wont work.

Now, if you’ve done the steps properly you can now boot from your USB and try out Chromium OS.

If it didn’t work check out this FAQ and if you still can’t solve your problem PM me or post a comment.


All credit goes to @Hexxeh for making this build possible. I was just a tester. :P