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PSP.FM (Last.FM Portable)

How can I access it?

PSP.FM is currently in beta, meaning it is not yet complete or bug-free. However, most things are functional and usable. You can access it by clicking here, but be aware that the link may change before final release. PSP.FM is best viewed using a PSP. Using it on a computer is not an accurate representation of how it appears on the PSP.

What does it do? (Features)

  • View artist info
  • Read artist bio
  • See listening of top tracks by artist
  • View artist discography
  • View album info
  • Find upcoming concerts
  • View artist photos
  • Find similar artists you might enjoy
  • Nominate artists to be Artist of the Week and be featured on the front page
  • View popular artists from the past week
  • View Last.FM user profiles including recently played tracks and top artist/track charts
  • Perhaps more to come, or others I forgot to list

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