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iPhone 4 Revealed

iPhone 4 Camera with Flash

If you have been reading engadget.com or gizmodo.com at all this week you would have seen the numerous posts and leaked images about a new iPhone. Well today Gizmodo got their hands on the device for all the world to see.  The story goes that the iPhone was found in a bar in Redwood City disguised as an iPhone 3GS, unfortunately for whom ever it was who lost it and is now fired from apple it was not a 3GS.

iPhone 4 Side The most notable difference about the iPhone is that it no longer has the familiar curve of current generation apple products, but rather a flat back featuring what is probably a higher mega pixel  camera and a flash. This leads me to think that this is going to be Apples new “style” and I would love to see what a MacBook with this design would look like. The silent toggle appears to be about the same and volume buttons have been redone to be round and separated. One of the more interesting new features is a front facing camera which will mostly be used for an iPhone “iChat” like client that was discovered last week. The SIM card slot has been moved to the right side, probally as a result of the new camera, and now is now the smaller microSIM that is also in the new iPad.

They top of the phone also has what appears to be a small hole located beside the headphone jack, this hole is believed to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation purposes. The bottom is pretty much the same as the current gen iPhone except it has the new metal strip.  From what Gizmodo says the screen is apparently a much higher resolution (Lending credit to the rumored iPhone HD name), and that the device has a larger battery. The iPhone supposedly has iPhone OS 4.0 on it but this cannot be confirmed because Apple triggered a kill switch making it a useless monolithic device that wants to connect to itunes.

So what does this all mean? Well it looks like Apple is moving in a new design direction which may or may not carry over to the rest of its product line (what are the new iTouch’s going to look like?). The phone will have a new flash enabled camera (night pictures!) and a front facing camera for video chat. It will feature longer battery life and there will most likely be a 64GB version. As an iPhone 3G owner I cannot wait until June when Apple is expected to announce this.

For more information and the unveiling visit Gizmodo.com

Apple to Hold iPhone OS 4.0 Event April 8th

Apple recently sent out a notice to several media outlets yesterday telling everyone and their mother that they’re holding a new event.  What exactly’s in this event?  iPhone OS 4.0.  That’s what.

It’s no secret that iPhone OS 4.0 will bring major software enhancements to their landmark devices — the iPhone, the iPod touch, and of course, the recently released iPad.  But what will it bring exactly?  Only Apple can tell us. 

Will we finally get the multitasking features other smartphones already have, will Apple incorporate their recent aqusition of online music streaming service LaLa?  What about simply unlocking the FM radio already included in both the iPhone and iPod touch.  (Perhaps even the iPad?)  Time can only tell.  Be looking out on popular blog sites such as Engadget come April 8th.

HP Slate, iPad killer?

This is how the HP Slate looks like.
This is how the HP Slate looks like.

Well it looks a lot smaller than the iPad which looks quite huge to me. The HP Slate runs a custom Windows 7 version which makes it capable of running all your favorite PC apps (well, don’t expect to play games like Crysis and such). Let’s take a look at it’s features.

The iPad has the most storage, cheap 3G, the time-tested iPhone OS and its mountain of apps, and a serious amount of Apple marketing juice behind it. But it’s also famously lacking features common to the other tablets, such as webcam and multitasking (only first party apps like music and email can multitask).

Comparing iPad – HP Slate (VS)
OS: Windows 7 VS iPhone OS
Browser: Whichever you want VS Safari
Adobe Flash: Yes VS No
Multitasking: Yes VS No
Camera: Yes VS No
Processor: Intel Atom 1.86Ghz VS 1Ghz ARM
Storage: 32-64GB VS Same, but doesn’t really matter anyway
Wireless: WiFi, Bluetooth VS Same, however the new iPad comes with 3G

See yourself, demonstration (YouTube)

What do you think about the HP Slate? Is it really an iPad killer?

The iPad is here

The long time coming, over hyped apple tablet was officially unveil today.
Featuring a 9.7 inch capacitive multi-touch LCD Display, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations. There will be two main models, a Wifi model which is due to ship in 60 days and then in about 90 days a Wifi+3G model which will give you international internet access. The CPU is an Apple designed A4 1Ghz system on chip which helps the device have an amazing 10 hours of battery life.
iPad appears to be the ultimate web device with a very nice safari app giving the user full screen web browsing. Email seems like it really benefits from the larger screen allowing better control over email management. Of course it has iPod functionality built in, iPhoto like photo browsing, iTunes styled music player, and a much nicer YouTube app. Video viewing is going back to a 4:3 screen, 16:9 has the wonderful black bars above and below the motion picture. The itunes and app store appear to be a lot like their desktop counter parts, yet easy for finger use. Apple also enters the eBook business with iPad with the iBookStore. The amazing thing is it looks like a book, and you flip pages like a book. Huge amount of adjustments can be made to fonts style and sizes. Plus the Books you buy appear on a Bookshelf! Apple has always been know for their design. It creates an interesting platform for periodicals though because it means embedded media can work in them. This might actually save the newspaper industry, we can only wait and see.
Another very interesting thing is that iWork is going to run on the iPad as a fully functioning application. Letting you create presentations, documents and spreadsheets on the go, great for businessman right? Well iPad has an on screen keyboard (Portrait and landscape) which is not going to be the best for typing out long documents on luckily apple was smart and built in support for the Apple wireless keyboard as well creating as a custom dock/keyboard connector.

Continuing with apps the iPad is going to launch with over 140,000 apps it can use. How can it launch with that many apps? It can run almost any app already in existence for the iPhone, and it does it in two ways. Original size centered in the screen or scaled up to fit the screen. Plus there will be iPad specific apps, which you can start developing for in iPhone sdk 3.2 available now.
Lastly is pricing, shown above. It can get really confusing considering there are 6 different models of this thing. Its not the predicted $1000 but at a starting point slightly higher then the typical netbook its going to be interesting watching everything pan out. In a couple months I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these at the apple store and see if its going to be worth it. In the mean time I should probably start learning my way around the iPhone sdk.