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Moovlin PC Release Date Announced

On Jun 18th, 2010…

The world will witness the one of the biggest flash projects in the history of the web – Moovlin PC.

With a crew of over 10, including 2 artists, 5 voice actors, 1 background designer and 3 testers…

Click here to view the countdown!

A game which not only will change the way you play flash games, but set new standards in production values for all flash games to follow. With over 15 minutes of fully animated cutscenes, over 1,000 artistic resources, 30 levels, 4 multiplayer modes, 20 achievments and more…

The only boundary of this game is how much you will let it take over yor life.



On a more serious note, Moovlin PC will be supporting the Newgrounds Audio Portal. (http://newgrounds.com/audio)

In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s a huge portal where people who join Newgrounds have access to download literally hundreds of thousands of songs, upload their own, remix songs, rate them, write reviews, and more. Moovlin PC will let you listen to any song on the Newgrounds Audio Portal. All you have to do is get the song ID, which is usually the last 5-6 digits of the song, type them into the Moovlin PC pause menu, click load, wait a second or two, and you’ll have your song at perfect quality.

It requires internet, so you’ll have to be playing Moovlin PC through your web browser to access this feature. The offline version of Moovlin PC (.exe) will also support it, but if you do have Internet, I recommend you play the Newgrounds hosted version so that you can rate it, change screen size, and access all the other features the site has to offer. For those still not certain on how this feature works, I have kindly made a video showing off this feature. I have typed in random links, one happens to be a little bit offensive in the beginning, you can skip over that if you want. Depending on the size of the song, it may not start immediately. Usually if it is only under 2 minutes, you’ll have (at most) 3 second wait before the song plays.

Moovlin PC

Moovlin PC Update – Customizable Hats, Achievments and More!

There are hats, and this picture.
There are hats, and this picture.

Introducing: Moovlin PC Hats!

Yep, I finally got around to finishing the system and I’m ready to announce that the full Moovlin PC (available Spring 2010) will support – Hats! Call it a rip off of Sackboy, it’s there and dissing the originality won’t help. Wait, there is originality! Wanna hear?

Through a special section in the main menu, you’ll be able to select from 2 default hats and 18 hats that are unlockable along the way in Moovlin PC! These hats can be earned from achievments, finishing side missions or from you, finding them in the campaign. Here is the complete list of game hats:

Original Moovlin Hat

Glow-in-the-dark Hat

Cowboy Hat (as seen in picture above)

Afro Hair

Astronaut Helmet

New York Yankees Baseball Cap

Top Hat

Helicopter Hat

Dunce Hat

Fire Hair

Grass Hair

Golden Hat of Game Completion

Ninja Mask

Mario Hat

Safuma Poll Halloween Mask


Construction Helmet

Super Moovlin Super-Speed Helmet

Mooviball Face Mask

Chuck Norris Mask

Moovlin PC Achievment System – Explained

Here is the list of achievments, their description and corresponding reward.

1. Novice Robot Hunter

Kill 10 Barrel Robots

Reward:  PSP Downloadable Wallpaper of Barrel Robot

2. A challenger approaches!

Submit a High Score to Sun Station Act 1-1

Reward: Sun Station PSP Wallpaper

3. Assistant Robot Killer

Kill 50 Barrel Robots

Reward: Secret Level – Under Safuma’s Command.

4. Robot Exterminator

Kill 100 Barrel Robots

Reward: Mooviball 2 Player Versus Map – Metallic Grave

5. Gear Mistro

Collect 1,000 Gears Throughout the Game

Reward: Gear Catcher Mini-Game

6. There’s Still One Level

Finish All Optional Levels

Reward: (Mooviball Level) Hells Gate – Universal Destruction Act 1-???

7. Bloodshot

Complete Hells Gate – Universal Destruction Act 1-??? without dying

Reward: Moovlin PC 2 Teaser

Well, you’ve been hearing for quite sometime that Moovlin PC will be support the Newgrounds Medals system. Seems like that is a bit iffy at the moment considering STUPID TOM FULP hasn’t read one of the many e-mails I wrote him asking for the medal kit. He did approve the game for trophies, and… no word after that.

That’s all folks, don’t want to spoil the whole thing. I’ll be back on the forum in 5 days, after my ban is done with. Peace out Blazebyte, and get ready to game with Moovlin PC in 2010!



pspWvista 1.7

Hey Guys, hope life is going well for all of you!
I would like to take this moment to let everyone know about pspWvista 1.7 which was released last month.
1.7 features some visual upgrades as well as some major code fixes to solve the storage location problem that firmware 6.00 and the PSP go cause.
Below is a video of 1.7 in action.

I do hope to do a video up to show users how to properly install pspWvista, but this might have to wait until after Christmas break.
Josh (Hunter)