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Obscure Game Review: Maestro- Jump in Music!

Welcome to gaming obscurity, these are games that will fade into the abyss due to the fact that they did not obtain decent hype or due to the fact they are terrible. Either way they are bound to mentioned once in every blue moon. Most of the games I will review on this feature are here for a good reason; Meaning that I want them to be recognised!

In this instance the game is for the Nintendo DS and in called ‘Maestro: Jump in Music’. To the common observer it should be immediately evident that this title has something to do with music, thankfully it isn’t quite as repetitious as the famed ‘Guitar Hero’ series. This game is a rhythm game at heart, but it uses a platforming gimmick to keep things interesting. This platforming gimmick is actually pretty innovative, It requires you to do different forms of rubbing (Not that kind you pervert!) with the stylus to execute simple movement and create sounds. The actual system is hard to define as it is completely innovative yet still has a very short learning curve.

Initially I was very pessimistic towards this game, It lacked any kind of brutal violence that gamers have became accustomed to, it also had vibrant childish visuals. Then it grew on me, the visuals began to look very cute and the gameplay was addictive as hell. This game is essentially Guitar Hero dressed up as a platform game, the gameplay flows exceptionally well with the music and is certainly an original rhythm game.

As stated before, I originally disliked the graphics. They are actually very nice and are subtitle for the type of gameplay — The various different worlds in the game are all clichéd themes, all of the different places look fantastic there is the typical space, underwater and jungle themed levels and they all look exceptionally beautiful. The character design is very wacky but once again is relevant to the game and adds to the humour found in the game.

It’s a rhythm game, Right? So it must have a decent selection of songs, Right? My answer to that question would simply be: ‘Kinda…’ This is probably the games biggest flaw the music. Why? Well because it has many classics like ‘House of the Rising Sun’ or ‘Our House’ and even some classic music from Mozart. The problem being that EVERY one of these songs are remixed, and this is probably due to the fact that some of the sounds in the song are activated corresponding to gameplay. Another problem being that these remixes for the most part are terrible, Honestly they are pretty bad!

Aside from that slight problem the game is fantastic and is worth some of your time. It is a simplistic and easy to pick up and play game therefore will be brilliant for simple bus journeys. Over-all it is just a really good game, that sadly is one of the ‘Underdogs’ of the rhythm genre. What are you waiting for BUY the game!

Blog, wiki and a new look!

The new BlazeByte.org wiki

Welcome to the brand new BlazeByte.org website! For the past few months all the BlazeByte.org staff been hard at work on this new website, which we hope you find a little more, erm… functional than the last one.

Firstly, you may have noticed the design is a little different. When I say “little”, I actually mean “massively”. The new design is wider, and also lighter in colour than before – so you won’t have to strain your eyes trying to read your favourite rant about the weather.

The design is not yet complete – it’s in its beta stages, and we are open to any suggestions (or dare I say, criticisms – discuss it here). When the design is ready, and everyone (well, nearly everyone) is happy with it, then we’ll plaster the new design all over the forums.

So what else does the new website bring? Well, for one, the infamous BlazeByte.org download system has been replaced by one that actually works. This download system is a little easier to use: simply click on the product, click download. This is somewhat unlike before: simply click on the product, click download, wonder why on Earth it give you some PHP error jargon, moan at the staff, give up, moan at the staff some more, lob your PSP across the room in the hope it may help the situation then blame the staff. No, this download system works. You can thank Blue Anvil, creators of the Download Monitor WordPress plugin.

Next is the brand new blog. Not having much experience of blogs myself, I cannot predict what sort of nonsense will end up being posted on here. However, the plan is that developers may post their latest and greatest creations on there, along with the odd interesting yet completely unrelated rant. We’ll have to see how this pans out.

And finally, the documentation system. This is a wiki which allows anyone to contribute content related to BlazeByte products. Tutorials, API documentation, PSP specifications, how to barbecue pizza… It all goes on the wiki.

We hope you enjoy the new website. Your feedback is hugely important to us, so make yourself heard by starting a topic here!

- BBF, on behalf of all the BlazeByte.org staff