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There’s an FM Radio living in your iPod touch / iPhone.

Kudos to Jesse for pointing this out, however I thought I’d go into more detail on the subject.

A popular Apple rumor site, 9to5 Mac, is reporting that Apple is on the brisk of releasing an FM radio application for the current models of the iPod touch / iPhone, the networking chip inside the current models of these iDevices is already capable of receiving FM signals (and the newest ones even sending them) however, a software block prevents usage of the hardware and it’s use is limited to communicating with the Nike+ addon, similar to the software block on Bluetooth in the second generation iPod touch.

If you remember correctly, the newest additions in the iPod nano are FM radio and of course the video camera.  Now, if Apple’s already using FM radio on the iPod nano, what’s holding back the iPod touch and iPhone?  According the 9to5Mac, Apple’s simply extending the tagging feature on mobile iTunes, where you’d be able to tag a song you liked on the radio and instantly purchase it, like the iPod nano’s tagging feature, except more advanced with the iPhone OS’s features.  And hopefully we’ll even get to see the Live Pause feature if a iPhone radio app is released.

Even more interestingly, the chip inside the iPhone 3G S and 3rd generation iPod touch allow FM signals to be transmitted also.  If Apple plays it’s cards right, we’d no longer have to deal with those Belkin attachments to listen to our iPods wirelessly.  With the addition of an FM Radio application with the advanced features that are possible with the iPhone OS, this will eliminate the only advantage the Zune HD has over the iPod touch / iPhone, it’s own radio.

Before I end my post, I’d like to leave you guys with another bit of information, Apple also hasn’t enabled the 802.11N +5GHZ wireless networking (which we also hope to see updated shortly) in its latest iPhone and iPods.

PSP.FM (Last.FM Portable)

How can I access it?

PSP.FM is currently in beta, meaning it is not yet complete or bug-free. However, most things are functional and usable. You can access it by clicking here, but be aware that the link may change before final release. PSP.FM is best viewed using a PSP. Using it on a computer is not an accurate representation of how it appears on the PSP.

What does it do? (Features)

  • View artist info
  • Read artist bio
  • See listening of top tracks by artist
  • View artist discography
  • View album info
  • Find upcoming concerts
  • View artist photos
  • Find similar artists you might enjoy
  • Nominate artists to be Artist of the Week and be featured on the front page
  • View popular artists from the past week
  • View Last.FM user profiles including recently played tracks and top artist/track charts
  • Perhaps more to come, or others I forgot to list

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