Apple renaming Mac OS X?

I was on MacRumors and I stumbled upon an article saying that Apple was considering renaming the famous Mac OS X. I was like “Holy Shiz!?!? What is Apple thinking???”. The plan that I read was that they wanted it to be re-branded as “iOS”. With the launch on the new iPhone 4 and the new iOS 4.0, It seems to have sparked ideas in Apple Developer’s minds. Personally I think it is because the ran out of good sounding “cat” names for any new operating systems to come, but I don’t know the exact reason.

See the Article:

Hardmac reports that it has heard that Apple is considering rebranding Mac OS X under the new “iOS” name recently rolled out as a replacement for “iPhone OS”. The change would serve as a means for uniting Apple’s operating systems under a single naming scheme with multiple flavors.

They are currently thinking of using iOS as the default naming/branding of Apple OS. We would then have iOS desktop, iOS server and iOS mobile. The final decision is not taken yet, however, the proposal seems to be well supported by the high management, it would give a better exposure and unity to Apple OS platforms while making communication easier.
Such a change could facilitate branding and marketing if Apple were to release touchscreen-enabled Macs running an “iOS mobile” layer on top of the traditional Mac OS X.

While the “i” naming scheme has become synonymous with Apple’s mobile devices, it obviously has its origins in the iMac, introduced in 1998 and carried along through multiple iterations to today’s desktop computer still bearing the same name. A tighter marketing integration of Apple’s traditional Mac operating system and mobile operating system could help Apple position itself for a future where lines between computing environments continue to blur.

Optimize How Windows 7 Runs 16-Bit and MS-DOS-Based Programs

Most existing 16-bit and MS-DOS-based programs were originally written for Windows 3.0 or Windows 3.1. Windows 7 runs these older programs using a virtual machine that mimics the 386-enhanced mode used by Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1. Unlike on other recent releases of Windows, on Windows 7 each 16-bit and MS-DOS-based application runs as a thread within a single virtual machine. This means that if you run multiple 16-bit and MS-DOS-based applications, they all share a common memory space. Unfortunately, if one of these applications hangs or crashes, it usually means the others will as well.

You can help prevent one 16-bit or MS-DOS-based application from causing others to hang or crash by running it in a separate memory space. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the program’s shortcut icon and then click Properties. (If the program doesn’t have a shortcut, create one, and then open the shortcut’s Properties dialog box.)
2. On the Shortcut tab, click the Advanced button. This displays the Advanced Properties dialog box.
3. Select the Run In Separate Memory Space check box.
4. Click OK twice to close all open dialog boxes and save the changes.

NOTE: Running a program in a separate memory space uses additional memory. However, you’ll usually find that the program is more responsive. Another added benefit is that you are able to run multiple instances of the program—as long as all the instances are running in separate memory spaces.

From the Microsoft Press book Windows 7 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by William R. Stanek.

PSP go with free games

Okay, some of you may have already noticed from other sources but I think it could mean big news especially with E3 just around the corner.

If you register your PSP Go before November using the Playstation website you can get ten games at no extra cost, let me say (write?) that again… You get 10 games for free!

The games aren’t bad either quite a few of them are some of the best you can own for the PSP system, they are as follows:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • MotorStorm Arctic Edge
  • Need for Speed Shift
  • Assassins Creed: Bloodlines
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • Gran Turismo
  • James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game
  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
  • Wipeout Pure

Not too shabby, some great games there im sure you will agree. but why just now, why didn’t Sony do this offer earlier to shift some more PSP Go’s at launch? I have a theory and that is that I think Sony Computer Entertainment are going to announce something big at E3. Not necessarily a “PSP2″ system but I do think it will have something to do with the Playstation Portable.

my advice would be if your thinking about getting a PSP and you don’t already own one, get a PSP Go but if you have a PSP already don’t bother, you probably own half (if not more) of the games stated above. Also this offer is for the AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ only, USA on the other hand only get three games so…


what’s your thoughts? leave a comment below or post in the Forums.

Splinter Cell Conviction for iPhone Released

The highly-acclaimed Splinter Cell series has been sating players’ appetites for stealthy kills for the better part of a decade now, with its latest iteration hitting consoles last month. Luckily for handheld gamers, they can now download a pocket-sized version of that game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. So how does it stack up against its App Store competition?

Pretty well. Gameloft is almost in a league of their own, since they’re one of the only companies pumping out big-budget iPhone titles on a regular basis. Splinter Cell Conviction is undeniably a high quality game, but it’s not quite up to the level of their last release, Zombie Infection, for a few reasons.

Buy now.
Source: SlideToPlay.

X2 Soccer 2010 released – The best iPhone soccer game

The very long awaited X2 Soccer 2010 is arguably the best soccergame on the iPhone. It has the best graphics, animations, AI and controls. Which beats FIFA 10 and RealSoccer 2010.

X2 Soccer 2010 has over 150 club teams to choose from in 10 different leagues, plus international teams from all over the world. This includes U.S. Major League Soccer, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German leagues and more. There are a vast amount of more teams than last years version to play with.

App Store: X2 Soccer 2010, $6.99
You might check out the review

SEGA announces Sonic 4 for iPhone

SEGA announced yesterday they’re working on Sonic 4 for the iPhone. However it’s release date it’s delayed until late 2010 SEGA wants to ensure that they deliver the best Sonic experience as possible.

This Sonic release sadly enough isn’t 3D, but a 2D platformer, just like the old Sonic. Don’t think it’ll be a lame remake. Sonic 4 will be released for Wii, DS, PSP, PS3, 360 and I must admit the graphics look pretty good.

“The additional time will allow the Development Team to focus on ensuring overall high-quality throughout the game by continuing to tune, balance, and maintain the kind of polish that an important title like this demands, and ultimately providing fans with an unrivalled classic Sonic feel.”

You can see the trailer here. We’ll keep you updated.

Review: Bioshock 2

Holy mother of Jesus, I loved Bioshock. A game with a brilliantly crafted story, guns and quite possibly the most demented horrifying setting found in any game. It had atmosphere and was a brilliant game to play, the graphics were stunning, I don’t have a single complaint. So how does the sequel hold up?

To put it bluntly, fantastic. Sure it could never surpass the utter brilliance of the first game, but that is a near impossible task.  Seriously. It has the beautifully deranged atmosphere, the great first person gameplay. Essentially it’s the Bioshock package. It will become immediately evident that this game is extremely similar to the original. And to state that this is a fault would be a complete lie, I’ve heard countless reviewers complaining about how the game is too “much of the same stuff” yes it is. Why change what already worked perfectly?

Whilst it is a game that has very little changes from the first game there has been a view changes. Such as the ability to dual wield plasmids (Genetic weapons such as Thunder bolts or Telekinesis) and normal weaponry, this is a brilliant new addition to the game.  Whilst something so small may seem not worth a mention. I beg to differ, it makes the gameplay much more fast paced and can really help in the more intense of battles. Another addition is to participate in a protection sequence whilst your Little Sister harvests splicers. One of the biggest changes is the fact that you play as a Big Daddy, these are the enemies that constantly terrorise you throughout the first game (They still do so in the second game too :D) and to be honest this change isn’t noticeable aside from of-course the fact that you wield a giant drill (It only is really noticeable when story is being told)

One major factors that contributed to the first game in the series’s eerie atmosphere was the music, In this game isn’t an exception the music is very relevant. I personally do not actually like the music as it is old 1940′s styled music, yet is definitely not bad. Songs that are usually unbearable become oddly acceptable. Whilst there is something disturbed about listening to a song about a little Doggie as you shoot the hell out of splicers.

As mentioned before one of the resoundingly brilliant factors of the first game was the story. In the second game the story is brilliant, but don’t expect an even more epic tale than the first as surpassing such a great story would be difficult. And in the second game, it’s well just got a worse story. In typical Bioshock fashion the game is not told through cutscenes but through the scenery of levels and various audio diaries found throughout rapture. This in my opinion is a much more sophisticated and interesting way of telling a story, many games rely on cutscenes or text to tell a story, Bioshock relies on the player to explore and listen to all of the audio diaries to tell the story. It’s generally a much more realistic way to tell a story as investigation is required, and if the player decides that they don’t care about the story they can simply avoid the audio logs.

And now for the graphics. Meh is a suitable way to describe them, the original game had brilliant graphics and this game has good graphics. This is probably partially due to the change of the people who made the game, whilst the graphics are by no means bad, it annoys me that the first game had genuinely better graphics. Whilst it is a slight downgrade it is noticeable and is probably one of the worst things about this game.

You may notice I have made no mention of the multiplayer. That is because I have not properly played it and therefore can not pass fair judgement on it, all I can say is that is looks pretty cool!

To conclude this review I’m simply going to state that this game is brilliant. It may not be as good as it predecessor yet it still is an astonishing game, any first person shooter fan should definitely check the game out. Just remember to embrace yourself for one surreal adventure that wont ever leave your mind, Embrace yourself for a masterpiece as a game and an experience.

Holleywood News: Splice – Guillermo Del Toro’s new masterpiece

Hold your breath for this movie release. It’s not yet released but they do have some interesting previews to keep us warm. Let’s see what they got!

Splice (2010)

Splice, another very strange/fantasy masterpiece from Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Hobbit,…). It’s a horror film, well sci-fi horror. No movie with blood & slashing unlike many others in it’s genre, it seems to have a very original story.

Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named “Dren”, the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators – only to have that bond turn deadly.

You can watch the trailer at YouTube in HD here. Let’s keep an eye on this one… To be released around 29 july.
For those who like artwork, check this and this.

Konami Announces PES for iPhone

Real soccer fans, and most of all soccer gamers will remember the battle between EA’s FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. Well, most game publisher giants have their soccer games featured on the iPhone except Konami.

Along X2 games, EA and Gameloft; Konami wants to show them off how a “real” soccer game should be.
On their blog they said:

And we quickly agreed that we should target the quality of the PSP versions. Firstly because we thought graphics on the PSP looked fabulous, secondly because of the iPhone’s processing speed and display capacities being potentially comparable to those of a “small” PSP

For those who want to see the power of the iPhone’s graphics capabilities, check out this video of X2′s upcoming X2Football 2010 game.

So yes I really can’t wait how it will look. I’m a proud fan of X2′s X2Football but I might give Konami’s masterpiece a try. They haven’t announced any release dates yet. I’ll keep you updated.

Source: Konami’s Blog
Written by Yes Man

The Google Tablet Is Coming, Courtesy of Verizon

The first serious challenge to the Apple iPad is coming from the most obvious of teams: According to Verizon Chief Exec Lowell McAdam, the carrier is working with Google on “a tablet computer.” This should be fun.

The WSJ report is about as sparse as possible, mentioning nothing beyond the fact that Verizon wants a tablet, and are now working with Google. Says McAdam:

We’re looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience.

I’m guessing that didn’t come out quite right, but I’ll hazard a guess that this means the the partnership is brand new, and that neither company knows exactly how they’re going to move forward. I hope for the sake of both companies, and us, that this means that Google is working with Verizon on making the ultimate Android tablet, and that Chrome OS will get brushed aside until it’s a bit, er, better.

Let’s play a little game of best case/worst case, shall we?

Best Case

Google’s ready to prove its tablet mettle, and Verizon wants an answer to AT&T’s iPad. It’s Shakespearean, almost, kind of! Within months, AT&T and Verizon will fall deeply in love, and commit suicide due to an easily avoidable misunderstanding. No, wait, wrong play. I wanted the one where EVERYONE FIGHTS EVERYONE, AND IT IS AWESOME. This could mean:

• An Android tablet launched with the backing of a major carrier, and presumably a high-profile hardware manufacturer (Motorola?)
• Hardware within six months
• An interesting data pricing strategy from Verizon, which will need to compete with AT&T novel (but flawed) a la carte system
• An early start against other tablets, specifically from the newly invigorated Palm

Worst Case

Sometimes Google is unfocused. Sometimes Verizon is out of touch. With their powers combined, we could end up with:

• A Chrome OS tablet. Web-only tablets aren’t as cool as you’d think. Google and Verizon need to beat the iPad, not the JooJoo. Remember this concept? Eh. Eric Schmidt reportedly told people that the first Google tablet would run Android, but you never know.
• Massive lead time. Android was announced in November of 2007, which was interpreted (correctly) as Google’s move to compete with the iPhone. Problem is, the T-Mobile G1 didn’t ship until nearly a year later. This tablet needs to hit the market well before the next iteration of the iPad, and at least as quickly as whatever WebOS slate HP is working on right now.
• Stupid data pricing. Verizon took Microsoft’s promising new Kin and strangled it in the delivery room. A traditional contract, or overpriced data, could do the same to a tablet.
• A raw Android tablet. The iPad has problems, nearly all of which Android is poised to avoid—but that could befall it, if Google hasn’t been paying attention. I’m talking about better media support, open accessory compatibility, and a syncing app that exists, but isn’t necessary for the device to function.

Granted, this whole thing could be a public bargaining strategy for Verizon, a misrepresentation of the facts by an executive who doesn’t seem to have a perfectly clear view of the facts, or mere hot air. But I don’t want to believe that. I can’t. [WSJ]