New James bond game

I proved it once and I can prove it again Bigbondfan (more likely know as BBF08 now) has nothing on me, I own every bond game since goldeneye even the terrible goldeneye: rouge agent. Now this game is next on my list… with improved graphics and hand-to-hand combat system this game should live up to expectations.

Called James Bond 007: Blood Stone, this new bond game looks amazing with the teaser trailer I viewed about three minutes before writing this blog post. It features Daniel Craig’s voice (and looks of course) as Bond unlike Adam Croasdell that was previously rumoured, the game also features Judi Dench and Joss Stone (whom also performs the title song) in this totally original story made especially for Blood Stone.

The trailer also implies there will be loads of diving modes/missions within this game which could backfire bad like on the Agent under fire game but I’m hoping its more like Nightfire game where the driving mission were a pleasure. Blood Stone will also include 16 player multiplayer which hopefully would be a lot better than quantum of solace’s passable attempt and fingers crossed Activision would have listened to players and will include a split screen mode.

More lush looking images below…

P.S. expect a review from me of this Video game shortly after release.


6 thoughts on “New James bond game”

  1. Too much shooting. James Bond has never been about shooting until this decade, and it’s a shame. I have nothing against Daniel Craig, it’s just that the new people writing the Bond flicks/games don’t have any moments of unique gameplay. The only way this can be good is if it turns into a Metal Gear Solid-ish game.

  2. I disagree, bond games have mostly been shooters and I have loved nearly all of them and I think if developers tried a new approach to the 007 games it would be a total flop (like 007:racing was).

  3. I don’t mind shooters, but James Bond in general has never been about shooting constantly, and if the games wanted to be fair towards the movie, it would be more espionage and cover based.

  4. I guess maybe a splinter cell type approach (with hacking and whatnot from fallout 3) would make for an interesting game.

  5. Am I the only one who enjoyed James Bond Nightfire’s online multiplayer for PC? Boy those were some good times, then CS came along and everybody moved on. :(

  6. Nightfire was EPIC on the GameCube. (Because that’s what I had at the time.) I LOVED that game because the multiplayer was very much like Golden-eye, yet quite updated.

    I also liked Everything or Nothing too… :-/

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