Gnextop Screenshots

Gnextop begins by loading all it’s files to improve performance later on. The loading screen tells what’s

You will then be presented with the login screen. This is because Gnextop supports multiple users,
to keep each user’s files and settings separate.

By using Gnextop’s virtual keyboard, you can enter your username quickly without having to look through
for the letters

After login, you will be able to use Gnextop. Your starting point is the desktop, which has icons to
useful applications.

Applications are consistent in style, so it’s all very easy to use. This is the text editor:

If you press exit accidentally, a message will popup to confirm if you actually want to close:

When you save a file, it is stored on the ‘virtual disk’. Files you save will be available when you login
at a later date. The File Browser allows you to see these files:

The web browser allows browsing the world wide web, and quick searching with the search toolbar:

Gnextop comes with a maps application, very useful for navigating around

It allows you to search for a location, zoom in and move about

Schedule your meetings and reminders with Calendar:

Keep you images in one place with Image Organiser

You can view the images in a slideshow too:

Chat with other PSP users with PSP Chat:

If you’re a JavaScript Pro, the JavaScript terminal may excite you:

More Screenshots

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