Chances are you’ve seen everything your PSP can do: games, videos, music, internet. But what else can it do?

Find out with Gnextop – the free application that gives you the power to create documents, read email, chat with friends and a whole lot more!

Gnextop is free, open source, and will operate on almost any PSP without any modifications. Simply run it in the internet browser, no internet required!



Text editor Make notes, write a document – Gnextop’s Text editor allows you to store your documents on the PSP so you can open them another time. Type quicker with Gnextop’s QWERTY keyboard.

Instant Messenger Connect to MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and many other protocols using Gnextop’s Instant Messenger.

Web browser You can browse the internet inside Gnextop using the web browser.

Maps Lost? The Gnextop Maps application allows you to search for a location and bring up a map of the area.

Contacts Keep track of all your contacts, phone numbers and email addresses using the contacts application.

Calendar Never miss a meeting with the calendar! With Gnextop it’s easy to schedule meetings, holidays and other events.

Image Organizer Organize your images, add titles, view a slideshow.

Weather Check the weather forecast for anywhere in the world!

Calculator A device that always comes in handy, Gnextop’s calculator is quick and easy to use.

File storage When you save a file, it is stored on the PSP so it will be available to you all the time! Browse your files with Gnextop’s File Browser.