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Storage Homemade 16TB NAS dwarfs the competition with insane build quality (video)

From the man that brought you the OS Xbox Pro and the Cinematograph HD comes… a cockpit canopy filled with hard drives? Not quite. Meet the Black Dwarf, a custom network-attached-storage device from the mind of video editor Will Urbina, packing 16TB of RAID 5 magnetic media and a 1.66GHz Atom N270 CPU into a completely hand-built Lexan, aluminum and steel enclosure. Urbina says the Dwarf writes at 88MB per second and reads at a fantastic 266MB per second, making the shuttlecraft-shaped 12.7TB array nearly as speedy as an SSD but with massive capacity and some redundancy to boot. As usual, the DIY guru shot a professional time-lapse video of his entire build process, and this one’s not to be missed — it showcases some pretty spiffy camerawork as well as the man’s welding skills. See sparks fly after the break.

Gnextop Showcase


Gnextop – giving your PSP productivity

Chances are you’ve seen everything your PSP can do: games, videos, music, internet. But what else can it do?

Find out with Gnextop – the free application that gives you the power to create documents, read email, chat with friends and a whole lot more!

Gnextop is free, open source, and will operate on almost any PSP without any modifications. Simply run it in the internet browser, no internet required!