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California Love – New Remix by Nick Miller

Download It Now!

I’m very happy to announce my latest album that I’m putting out. This album is called “California Love” and it’s a remix of 2PAC’s California Love.

Track List:
1) California Love (Remix)
2) California Love (Instrumental)

Programs Used:

- FL Studio 9
- Virtual DJ
- Audacity
- Photoshop (For Album Cover)

mflow – a revolution or a gimmick?

As some of you may already know I’m a music guy, I just love anything about technology music especially if its something new and totally different… oh and a bit weird. So when I heard about this program called mflow from a friend, I just had to try it out…

screen-shot of mflow

okay what is it already? Good question, its (to my understanding) a whole new concept of music stores such as the one built into the popular iTunes and the likes of amazon. Instead of having a section where people/the store can recommend other songs and albums you may like and instead of having a “what other people who liked this bought” there is nothing. It replaces this rather boring feature of these stores with something called flows, I will explain in a moment.

I have had access to the beta for around a day now, as the full program comes out on the 15-4-2010, and its a great concept that could be built into existing stores (with some sort of licence I guess). The easiest way I can describe it is that it is like twitter and the iTunes store bundled into one, you search for tracks and when you find a one you like and think the people who are following you will like you click the “flow” button and it sends that track to there flows inbox with a full preview of that track that they can listen to and buy if they want. if they do deicide to buy the track (for 79p or some certain tracks are 99p) then 20% of the money that bought that track goes to you, which basically means you get paid to say “hey look at this cool song I just found” to all your mates.

if you are just wanting to buy the track you can have the usual 30 second preview of the song, but you can choose which part of the song to play that 30 seconds and you can play it as many times as you like. for instance if you listened to 30 seconds of the verse and are still unsure you can just click to when the chorus kicks in and play 30 seconds from there. Also if you do deicide to buy the song it will download as a DRM-free format (which means you can put it on whatever you want, not just your Zune)


you can follow whoever you want and anyone can follow you, so if someone likes the type of music im into and want to hear more, some that they may not have ever heard before they can simply follow me and get the latest songs im “flowing” straight to there flow inbox and vice-versa. unfortunately it is only available in the UK at the moment but hopefully it will arrive in other contries like other programs have done such as the great Spotify.

The official website is at where you can request an invite into the beta, also if any of you want to follow me to see what type of music I enjoy my user name is chrisw92, the same as it is here on blazebyte.