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Google SSL Beta

Well, Google has come up with a new way to search the internet more securely. You can search Google using SSL at . I guess it is more for peace of mind, because other than the “Google SSL Beta” logo on the page, there is no real way to tell that you are secure. Well, then again, I never thought of “Google Searching” to be unsecure (unless you click on links that look shady). I guess this is the way Google is planning to go with their search engine. I guess if it actually makes a difference in our security as web surfers, then this could be awesome. I have this now set as my homepage, so I guess I will search securely from now on.

Quote From Google:

With Google search over SSL, you can have an end-to-end encrypted search solution between your computer and Google. This secured channel helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party. This provides you with a more secure and private search experience. What is SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that helps provide secure Internet communications for services like web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging, and other data transfers. When you search over SSL, your search queries and search traffic are encrypted so they can’t be read by any intermediary party such as employers and internet service providers (ISPs).
What can I expect from search over SSL?
Here’s how searching over SSL is different from regular Google search:

* SSL encrypts the communication channel between Google and a searcher’s computer. When search traffic is encrypted, it can’t be read by third parties trying to access the connection between a searcher’s computer and Google’s servers. Note that the SSL protocol does have some limitations — more details are below.
* As another layer of privacy, SSL search turns off a browser’s referrers New window icon. Web browsers typically turn off referrers when going from HTTPS to HTTP mode to provide extra privacy. By clicking on a search result that takes you to an HTTP site, you could disable any customizations that the website provides based on the referrer information.
* At this time, search over SSL is supported only on Google web search. We will continue to work to support other products like Images and Maps. All features that are not supported have been removed from the left panel and the row of links at the top. You’ll continue to see integrated results like images and maps, and clicking those results will take you out of encrypted search mode.
* Your Google experience using SSL search might be slightly slower than you’re used to because your computer needs to first establish a secure connection with Google.

Note that SSL search does not reduce the data that Google receives and logs when you search, or change the listing of these terms in your Web History New window icon.

Article Written By Nick Miller of

Review: Bioshock 2

Holy mother of Jesus, I loved Bioshock. A game with a brilliantly crafted story, guns and quite possibly the most demented horrifying setting found in any game. It had atmosphere and was a brilliant game to play, the graphics were stunning, I don’t have a single complaint. So how does the sequel hold up?

To put it bluntly, fantastic. Sure it could never surpass the utter brilliance of the first game, but that is a near impossible task.  Seriously. It has the beautifully deranged atmosphere, the great first person gameplay. Essentially it’s the Bioshock package. It will become immediately evident that this game is extremely similar to the original. And to state that this is a fault would be a complete lie, I’ve heard countless reviewers complaining about how the game is too “much of the same stuff” yes it is. Why change what already worked perfectly?

Whilst it is a game that has very little changes from the first game there has been a view changes. Such as the ability to dual wield plasmids (Genetic weapons such as Thunder bolts or Telekinesis) and normal weaponry, this is a brilliant new addition to the game.  Whilst something so small may seem not worth a mention. I beg to differ, it makes the gameplay much more fast paced and can really help in the more intense of battles. Another addition is to participate in a protection sequence whilst your Little Sister harvests splicers. One of the biggest changes is the fact that you play as a Big Daddy, these are the enemies that constantly terrorise you throughout the first game (They still do so in the second game too :D) and to be honest this change isn’t noticeable aside from of-course the fact that you wield a giant drill (It only is really noticeable when story is being told)

One major factors that contributed to the first game in the series’s eerie atmosphere was the music, In this game isn’t an exception the music is very relevant. I personally do not actually like the music as it is old 1940′s styled music, yet is definitely not bad. Songs that are usually unbearable become oddly acceptable. Whilst there is something disturbed about listening to a song about a little Doggie as you shoot the hell out of splicers.

As mentioned before one of the resoundingly brilliant factors of the first game was the story. In the second game the story is brilliant, but don’t expect an even more epic tale than the first as surpassing such a great story would be difficult. And in the second game, it’s well just got a worse story. In typical Bioshock fashion the game is not told through cutscenes but through the scenery of levels and various audio diaries found throughout rapture. This in my opinion is a much more sophisticated and interesting way of telling a story, many games rely on cutscenes or text to tell a story, Bioshock relies on the player to explore and listen to all of the audio diaries to tell the story. It’s generally a much more realistic way to tell a story as investigation is required, and if the player decides that they don’t care about the story they can simply avoid the audio logs.

And now for the graphics. Meh is a suitable way to describe them, the original game had brilliant graphics and this game has good graphics. This is probably partially due to the change of the people who made the game, whilst the graphics are by no means bad, it annoys me that the first game had genuinely better graphics. Whilst it is a slight downgrade it is noticeable and is probably one of the worst things about this game.

You may notice I have made no mention of the multiplayer. That is because I have not properly played it and therefore can not pass fair judgement on it, all I can say is that is looks pretty cool!

To conclude this review I’m simply going to state that this game is brilliant. It may not be as good as it predecessor yet it still is an astonishing game, any first person shooter fan should definitely check the game out. Just remember to embrace yourself for one surreal adventure that wont ever leave your mind, Embrace yourself for a masterpiece as a game and an experience.

Trailer Theatre: Fable 3


The day has come, The trailer for the sequel to Fable 2. For those who have not tried Fable, The Fable series are Adventure RPG’s, Based on the times of old when we weren’t dependant on Google. The game is set in the Mythical world of Albion where many interactive inhabitants lurk about. This game uses a system that depending on the choices you make the game will alter slightly, ultimately the end result is either ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ and this concept doesn’t have much meaning aside from a few alterations in the story and the way that the inhabitants of Albion act towards you. Whilst the concept is slightly gimmicky the game is a spectacular game, that has imagination and originality seeping from it. If you haven’t tried the second oe for 360, you should go try it out. I’ve only touched upon the bare basics of the game, there is so much to it. Also it gets you some relatively easy gamerscore. :D

Fable 3 is going to be the new addition to the series, and from the trailer little is revealed aside from the fact that one of the characters that was in the 2nd game is back again. Luckily a lot of information about the game  can be extracted from the various different interviews from Peter Molyneux. One of the more controversial decisions that Peter mentioned (This feature may not be implemented in the final product) was the removal of the health bar. Yes, you heard me the health bar, the interview I watched din’t really elaborate on this very much so this idea could be completely removed or there may be something else added instead of a health bar. Another feature shown on a recent interview was the ability to create your own weapon. For the record I think this is a great idea, as it creates variety and prevents the game having an ultimate weapon that everyone will own. Basically This means that you will have to build up your weapons stats and what-not, which I think will be great fun (After all in the previous games the only alteration you could make to weapons was adding an augmentation).

There are many other features and gameplay that have been shown in various interviews, therefore I recommend you checking them out. Also here is the trailer (No Gameplay is evident here, just awesomeness!):

Did I mention that depending on whether you are evil or not, you will get black and white wings?

Trailer Theatre: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

[Read the whole article to view the trailer located at the bottom of the page]

Hallelujah! It has came, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 I have waited for about 5 years for this game to come out. Seriously!Very little about this game has been mentioned aside from a trailer, Capcom seems to be playing it’s cards well, as this games cult following were hungry for the sensation that is Marvel Vs. Capcom to be continued. Many people have been waiting for a decade in this epic mash-up fighter. For those who have been unlucky enough to not have experienced the brilliance of Marvel Vs. Capcom. Here is a little info on the  previous games (Side Note: If you are planning on buying one of the MvC games, they tend to go for relatively high prices considering they are old games, also bare in mind that it’s an investment worth making!):

  • MvC games have extraordinary large rosters with an assortment of classic characters and downright obscure characters.
  • The game can be picked up and played by anyone, seriously! These games have some of the most ridiculously overpowered characters meaning new players can still kick ass!
  • Crazy combos can be preformed, Nuff said.
  • Hulk Vs. Megaman. Count me in!

After a  lack of inactivity from the MvC series the new game has been confirmed, and a trailer has been provided. The trailer shows that the game has similar graphics to the recently produced Street Fighter 4, admittedly I’d have preferred for the characters to be pixel art, Though I doubt it will make the gameplay any less captivating. I also noticed something very odd, Chris Redfield.  It made me ask a simple question… Where is Claire? (Play Resident Evil 2 or Code Veronica to understand why she is awesome :P) I’d like to point out that I already KNOW this game will be fantastic. And if the game isn’t spectacular, I’ll cry.

Anyway enough of the fanboy rant here is the alleged trailer enjoy:

Pokemon Black and White Confirmed!

For those who recently forked out their cash on Pokemon ‘Heart Gold’ and ‘Soul Silver’ will either be devastated or they’ll dance with joy as it has been announced that yet another Pokemon game is on it’s way! Pokefans rejoice!

The announcement had little details aside from the logos of the games (Above) and that more will be revealed on April the 15th. It is yet again on the DS, and is apparently a brand new adventure, Yes that’s right it’s not a remake of a ten year old game…

Apple to Hold iPhone OS 4.0 Event April 8th

Apple recently sent out a notice to several media outlets yesterday telling everyone and their mother that they’re holding a new event.  What exactly’s in this event?  iPhone OS 4.0.  That’s what.

It’s no secret that iPhone OS 4.0 will bring major software enhancements to their landmark devices — the iPhone, the iPod touch, and of course, the recently released iPad.  But what will it bring exactly?  Only Apple can tell us. 

Will we finally get the multitasking features other smartphones already have, will Apple incorporate their recent aqusition of online music streaming service LaLa?  What about simply unlocking the FM radio already included in both the iPhone and iPod touch.  (Perhaps even the iPad?)  Time can only tell.  Be looking out on popular blog sites such as Engadget come April 8th.

Valve confirms Steam for Mac, debuts in April

Steam For Mac
Steam For Mac

Eager gamers have no doubt already seen the teasers, but Valve has now finally confirmed that its Steam game distribution service and Source engine will at long last be headed to the Mac. According to Valve, the company’s current line-up of games (including the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead series) will be available to Mac users in April, while Portal 2 will represent the company’s first simultaneous release for PC and Mac later this year. Better still, Steamworks for Mac also boasts a new feature called “Steam Play,” which will let you buy a game once and, for instance, start playing it on a PC at work and then pick up where you left off on your Mac at home (we’ll give you a moment to let that sink in). Game publishers will have to enable that feature themselves, but Valve says it expects most to take advantage of it.

The iPad is here

The long time coming, over hyped apple tablet was officially unveil today.
Featuring a 9.7 inch capacitive multi-touch LCD Display, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations. There will be two main models, a Wifi model which is due to ship in 60 days and then in about 90 days a Wifi+3G model which will give you international internet access. The CPU is an Apple designed A4 1Ghz system on chip which helps the device have an amazing 10 hours of battery life.
iPad appears to be the ultimate web device with a very nice safari app giving the user full screen web browsing. Email seems like it really benefits from the larger screen allowing better control over email management. Of course it has iPod functionality built in, iPhoto like photo browsing, iTunes styled music player, and a much nicer YouTube app. Video viewing is going back to a 4:3 screen, 16:9 has the wonderful black bars above and below the motion picture. The itunes and app store appear to be a lot like their desktop counter parts, yet easy for finger use. Apple also enters the eBook business with iPad with the iBookStore. The amazing thing is it looks like a book, and you flip pages like a book. Huge amount of adjustments can be made to fonts style and sizes. Plus the Books you buy appear on a Bookshelf! Apple has always been know for their design. It creates an interesting platform for periodicals though because it means embedded media can work in them. This might actually save the newspaper industry, we can only wait and see.
Another very interesting thing is that iWork is going to run on the iPad as a fully functioning application. Letting you create presentations, documents and spreadsheets on the go, great for businessman right? Well iPad has an on screen keyboard (Portrait and landscape) which is not going to be the best for typing out long documents on luckily apple was smart and built in support for the Apple wireless keyboard as well creating as a custom dock/keyboard connector.

Continuing with apps the iPad is going to launch with over 140,000 apps it can use. How can it launch with that many apps? It can run almost any app already in existence for the iPhone, and it does it in two ways. Original size centered in the screen or scaled up to fit the screen. Plus there will be iPad specific apps, which you can start developing for in iPhone sdk 3.2 available now.
Lastly is pricing, shown above. It can get really confusing considering there are 6 different models of this thing. Its not the predicted $1000 but at a starting point slightly higher then the typical netbook its going to be interesting watching everything pan out. In a couple months I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these at the apple store and see if its going to be worth it. In the mean time I should probably start learning my way around the iPhone sdk.

Chromium OS!

Hey, you. Yeah, you with the netbook. Have you been wanting to try something new on it? Yes? You have? Well your going to find this tutorial very useful then.

Well you may have heard Google announced an OS called Chromium. It is basically a web browser with some extra features. Mainly aimed at netbooks and smaller computing devices. Now, I know you want to try it so here are the instructions:

1. Download the Chromium image from Hexxeh’s site.

2.  Extract the image to a directory of your choice.

3. Now follow one of these steps:

If you’re on Windows:

Download Image Writer for Windows ( and extract the program. Launch the program, and select the image (ChromeOS-Cherry.img) and your USB drive letter from the drop down box. Click “Write”. The install image will then be copied to the drive. Once it’s done, close the program and you can then boot from the USB drive.

If you are on Linux:

Extract ChromeOS-Cherry.img and run the following command in the same directory as the file, where X is the device name of your USB drive.

sudo dd if=ChromeOS-Cherry.img of=/dev/X bs=4M

Once the command finishes, you can then boot from the USB drive.

Lastly but not least, if you are on a Mac:

Firstly, unmount the drive you want to install Chromium OS to. Place the downloaded file onto your desktop. Open System Profiler, click USB on the list at the side and then select the entry that represents your USB disk. Now look for the BSD Name column ( Remember what is written here. In my case, it is disk1, but in yours it may be different. Take care here as if you get it wrong, it could seriously mess things up. Once you have this, open up Terminal and type the following commands.

cd Desktop
tar -zxvf ChromeOS-Cherry.tar.gz

For the next command, replace X with the name of the disk you found earlier, ie disk1.

sudo dd if=ChromeOS-Cherry.img of=/dev/X bs=4m

This command will ask you to enter your password (the same one you enter when installing software for example), type it in and press enter. This command will take a while to run, about 20 minutes for me, and then will give you your shell prompt back once it has finished. Once it has, you can remove your USB drive and boot from it

And a little info, you can’t actually boot into it on a Mac, it wont work.

Now, if you’ve done the steps properly you can now boot from your USB and try out Chromium OS.

If it didn’t work check out this FAQ and if you still can’t solve your problem PM me or post a comment.


All credit goes to @Hexxeh for making this build possible. I was just a tester. :P

Don’t Google with Google[.com]

Yes I know, its a confusing title. Its not like I don’t like Google, its a great search engine and its name is knowing by more people than Chuck Norris’s. [fact]

But there are better websites for searching out there, no im not talking about Bing or Yahoo. im talking about the Google, you will see what I mean. Here is a list of my top 8: [no particular order]


- Its just Google with a “hacker” language, sort of an an easter egg.


-again its just Google but this time with the great almighty pirate language, another easter egg by google.


- its just random searches, nothing what you type into the search at all. little thing I found: type in hello


- the first version of google. not much to tell about this one.


- gives money to charity for every search, so why not? you just use it as a search engine, nothing more and it uses the Google search engine


- it is said it uses less power having a black screen but for LCD monitors its about the same, but if you still have a CRT monitor be green and give it a try.


- another charity Google powered website, looks more user friendly. all you have to do is search…


- man doesn’t it feel good giving stuff to charity’s for doing nothing other than changing from searching from Google to searching from Google.

see you don’t have to Google with Google :D