Moovlin PC

Moovlin is a video game/action hero created by jfig111. His first debut in a game was on November 20th 2007 in a concept demo. Gaining popularity from this debut, Moovlin was made into a variety of RPG Episode flash games for the Playstation Portable’s flash player. Since the release of “Moovlin 5 and the Malady of Darkness”, Moovlin has become the most popular PSP Flash iconic figure and the most popular game available for the PSP Flash Player.

An early demo of Moovlin PC's Sun Station Level.

Unfortunately, after the release of “Moovlin 6″, Moovlin lowered in ratings and the series came to a halt for the PSP. But from much requested fan feedback, jfig111 started a project called “Moovlin PC” that will not be for the PSP, instead for regular computers. Since March 2007, Moovlin PC has had about 6 Engine releases that recieved 3.12-3.52/5.00 ratings on, garnering an average of 82% positive review score and making money from in-game advertisements. Before the official release of the game, Moovlin PC had already made over $60.52 US from advertisement revenue.

Moovlin PC however steps away from the typical genre of the PSP counterparts. Unlike the PSP versions, Moovlin PC is solely focused on platforming and adventure gameplay instead of RPG Turn Based Battles. The game is set to release in September-October 2009 and will hopefully be one of the greatest platforming flash games ever made.

The game has improved graphics over PSP releases, including blurs, shadows, changable lighting, etc.
The game has improved graphics over PSP releases, including blurs, shadows, changable lighting, etc.

The storyline in Moovlin PC is completely different from the PSP Counterparts, it contains Jazela Galaxy as an exception, however, Koovlin, Kitrako and the Star-Riders do not make an appearance in this game. Instead you are introduced to two new main character. First is Bobby Smith, the strict, high-pitched boss of Moovlin who informs him of info and sells him powerups later in the game. He shares a good amount of appearance time in the game. Second is Safuma Poll, an alien from the Kronftuk Ring who is the newly elected Order of Light leader. Mysterious and cocky would be the best way to describe him.

Safuma is cocky and has a humourous script in the game.
Safuma is cocky and has a humourous script in the game.

Some of the statistics of Moovlin PC:

Views of all Moovlin PC content: App. 80,000 hits. Levels completed in development: 16/22. Cutscene time completed : 12:24/21:24 Gameplay Length: 4 Hours.

The full game will have:

22 Levels Cutscene Time will be 21:24 Minutes Gameplay Length will be 12+ Hours.

(This article will be updated in time.)

Google Wave Preview, Your Thoughts and Comments

Hello all, it’s me, also known as GameBox 47 on the forums. I thought I’d use this time between the frustrations of school, work, and sports to tell you about a nifty new app by Google, might as well post it on this fancy new site. Right now it’s currently in “developer beta” stage, quite a few bugs, but for the most part works pretty well.

“What the hell is this?” you might ask, if you already haven’t heard.  Well, Google Wave in short is best described as “real-time email”, with some IM elements in place.  It’s really hard to describe truthfully, so it’s best to just check out the video, after the break.

“Whatcha gotta do to get in on the action?” you might ask, well good sir, the answer lies in this URL.  Sign up for the Developer Google Wave Sandbox beta, in a few days or so you’ll get a conformation email with your shiny new “” Google Account.  You’ll use this to sign in and test Google Wave.  I’m partially posting this because I’d like more BlazeByte people to get in on the action so we can truely test out the power of Google Wave.

Once you’re done, add me, [email protected].  Tell me what you think of Google Wave in the comments below.  Freaking awesome or just a flop?  Go!

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Blog, wiki and a new look!

The new wiki

Welcome to the brand new website! For the past few months all the staff been hard at work on this new website, which we hope you find a little more, erm… functional than the last one.

Firstly, you may have noticed the design is a little different. When I say “little”, I actually mean “massively”. The new design is wider, and also lighter in colour than before – so you won’t have to strain your eyes trying to read your favourite rant about the weather.

The design is not yet complete – it’s in its beta stages, and we are open to any suggestions (or dare I say, criticisms – discuss it here). When the design is ready, and everyone (well, nearly everyone) is happy with it, then we’ll plaster the new design all over the forums.

So what else does the new website bring? Well, for one, the infamous download system has been replaced by one that actually works. This download system is a little easier to use: simply click on the product, click download. This is somewhat unlike before: simply click on the product, click download, wonder why on Earth it give you some PHP error jargon, moan at the staff, give up, moan at the staff some more, lob your PSP across the room in the hope it may help the situation then blame the staff. No, this download system works. You can thank Blue Anvil, creators of the Download Monitor WordPress plugin.

Next is the brand new blog. Not having much experience of blogs myself, I cannot predict what sort of nonsense will end up being posted on here. However, the plan is that developers may post their latest and greatest creations on there, along with the odd interesting yet completely unrelated rant. We’ll have to see how this pans out.

And finally, the documentation system. This is a wiki which allows anyone to contribute content related to BlazeByte products. Tutorials, API documentation, PSP specifications, how to barbecue pizza… It all goes on the wiki.

We hope you enjoy the new website. Your feedback is hugely important to us, so make yourself heard by starting a topic here!

- BBF, on behalf of all the staff